Do you want to transform your space with a quality and affordable patio or deck for your home?

At Clearview Patios & Decks we’ve spent the last 15 years providing hundreds of quality and affordable patios and decks to homeowners.

  • We are a strong team of experts who’ve worked together for a long time, building hundreds of patios and decks. We do all our own work. We are builders, not salespeople.
  • We use high-quality materials, sourced from our extensive range of suppliers. We know where to go to get the best materials for the best price for your project.
  • Our patios and decks are designed and priced to be affordable as well as good quality. This is because we complete all the work ourselves and are able to manage our costs.

The best way to find out if we’re the right builder for you is to book in for your quote, or if you’d like to talk to us then please call 1300 123 456.

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Ready to get started? Our team will help you to get a sense of all the different materials, styles and trends you can utilise to set a beautiful and eye-catching foundation for your outdoor space.

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What We Do

Concept & Design

First, we’ll help you with your concept and design for your project. We’ll use our experience to help design something that complements your home and gives you want you need.

Materials Sourcing

We’ll then use our network of suppliers to source the highest quality materials for the best price for your project, and where possible we’ll use the best Australian-made materials.


Our team will then build your project. We do everything ourselves; nothing is outsourced. This helps us to maintain the quality of our projects, so you end up with a high-standard finish.